Little shop of horrors, the - volume 2

An offstage voice recalls a time when the human race "suddenly encountered a deadly threat to its very existence". A trio of 1960s street urchins named Crystal, Ronette, and Chiffon set the scene ("Little Shop of Horrors") and comment on the action throughout the show. Seymour Krelborn is a poor young man, an orphan living in an urban skid row . Audrey is a pretty blonde with a fashion sense that leans towards the tacky. They lament their stations in life and the urban blight in their neighborhood ("Skid Row (Downtown)"). They are co-workers at Mushnik's Skid Row Florists, a run-down flower shop owned and operated by the cranky Mr. Mushnik. Seymour has recently obtained a mysterious plant that looks like a large venus flytrap . While he was browsing the wholesale flower district, a sudden eclipse of the sun occurred, and when the light returned, the weird plant had appeared ("Da-Doo"). Seymour is secretly in love with Audrey and names the plant Audrey II in her honor.

The film slowly gained a cult following through word of mouth when it was distributed as the B movie in a double feature with Mario Bava 's Black Sunday [12] [16] and later with Last Woman on Earth . [12] The film's popularity increased with local television broadcasts, [17] in addition to the presence of a young Jack Nicholson , whose small role in the film has been prominently promoted on home video releases of the film. [18] The film was the basis for an Off Broadway musical, Little Shop of Horrors , which was notably made into a 1986 feature film and enjoyed a 2003 Broadway revival, all of which have attracted attention to the 1960 film.

Little Shop Of Horrors, The - Volume 2Little Shop Of Horrors, The - Volume 2Little Shop Of Horrors, The - Volume 2Little Shop Of Horrors, The - Volume 2